“How’s she doing?”

“You could end a drought with her pussy juice. It’s almost like she can’t get enough of us.”

Tiff whimpered in embarrassment, glad that they couldn’t see her crimson face. It was shameful how wet she was. She was touched again, another merciless hand sampling the wetness of her pussy, this time sliding back and forth along her clit, until she convulsed and bucked against the touch.

Pepper Paxxton: Waiting For It. Her Wicked Comeuppance Book 3

With her stepfather out of town, 19 year old Tiff sets out to use her fake ID to get some booze. It’s almost as if the thing is cursed, what other explanation can there be when the same two ex-cops who lost their job because of her are the ones who catch her red-handed?

This time, Hank and Stu aren’t going to let her off the hook easy. They know who she is, they know her daddy, and they’re set on giving her what she deserves. But Tiff isn’t as upset as she thinks she should be, because somehow, she knows she’s been waiting for it.

Book 3 of Her Wicked Comeuppance.

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