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Taught to Behave book cover

Taught to Behave

Riley needs to learn a lesson, and man of the house Jack takes his responsibility serious. Without further ado, the brat is placed over his knee and taught to behave!
Asking for it

Asking For It

Book 1 of Her Wicked Comeuppance – the series where eventually everyone gets what they deserve.
Begging For It

Begging For It

Olive Saintclair is about to find out the hard way that her husband is a ruthless man and cheating on him was a very bad idea.

Waiting For It

She got away once, but she might be out of luck when she tempts fate a second time.
slave wife erotica, watersports erotica, gang sex, bdsm domination submission,

Working For It

Olive has to pass her husband’s wicked challenge to be reunited with him – but can she do it, or will she balk at his perverted games?