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Working For It

Olive has to pass her husband’s wicked challenge to be reunited with him – but can she do it, or will she balk at his perverted games?

Andrew Saintclair is a ruthless man, and crossing him is a bad idea.

His wife, Olive, learned that lesson the hard way after leaving him for the Bahamas: Andrew hired a pair of personal trainers for his naughty wife and gave her a choice: sign the divorce papers or agree to go through their special program.

Now it’s time to see if her training was a success and she became the slave Andrew wanted her to be. To find out, she just has to get through one exam, where Andrew tests her willingness to fulfil his every command.

Will Olive pass Andrew’s wicked challenge and finally be reunited with her husband, or will she balk at his perverted games?

Book 4 of Her Wicked Comeuppance.

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