Asking for it

Asking For It

Book 1 of Her Wicked Comeuppance – the series where eventually everyone gets what they deserve.

Andrew Saintclair is a ruthless man.

He didn’t make his fortune by playing nice and crossing him is a bad idea. His wife is about to suffer the consequences of his wrath, but with her out of his reach for the moment, he’s turning his attention to his adventurous stepdaughter.

When Tiffany takes Andrew’s precious muscle car without permission and crashes it into a tree, she’s asking for a comeuppance. That she gets off easy with the cops by dropping Andrew’s name offers him a perfect excuse to prey on his vulnerable girl. And then there’s the fact that she dented his car. Tiff’s just asking for it.

Tiffany knows she’s in a real fix when the cops turn up: the situation might be just more than she can handle. The cops are only too eager to show her the kind of trouble a girl like her can get herself in on a lonely road. Dropping Andrew’s name is her only way out of their clutches, but that might just get her from one hot mess into the next: She has to face Andrew and own up to her transgressions…

Book 1 of Her Wicked Comeuppance.

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