Begging For It

Begging For It

Olive Saintclair is about to find out the hard way that her husband is a ruthless man and cheating on him was a very bad idea.

Andrew Saintclair is a ruthless man, and crossing him is a bad idea.

His wife, Olive, left him for the Bahamas, and now she’s going to learn that lesson the hard way. She’d just wanted to see if he loved her enough to follow her, but she could never have predicted how he was really going to react.

Andrew hires a pair of personal trainers for his naughty wife and gives her a choice: sign the divorce papers or agree to go through their special program. A little training can’t be that hard, Olive thinks. Yet when she finds out how wrong she is, it’s already too late, and she’s already forfeited her freedom so they can make her the perfect slave.

Will Olive become the wife Andrew wants her to be, or will she regret her choice?

Book 2 of Her Wicked Comeuppance.

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